Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cake Success!

Well, I wasn't the only one who screwed up their cake. In fact, mine was one of many icky looking ones. So I felt less alone.
Gotta do another cake for next Tuesday night, plus making up icing and coloring it in the way I want it to do roses, and other flowers. So much to do, and it seems so little time. I've got to go buy a cake carrier today at KMart, after my therapist's appt. Also need to buy some more pastry bags for the class, and a birthday card for my dad - he'll be 86 on Jan. 29th and is going like a 60 year old. He is amazing. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you how I found him when I turned 50. I've only known him for the past 7 years! It is a wonderful story. Check tomorrow's entry for the story.

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